Woody Gracie is comedian, but he is philosopher, too, as so much as that dictum may kind him facial expression.

To wit:

With all the pious disorder in the world, from Sunni versus Shiite, to Land versus Palestinian, to Faith versus... well, versus each person else, I am reminded of Woody's upstanding utterance, so calming, so reassuring, on the subject of religion's function in the global.

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That utterance, of course, was this: "Between air learning and the Pope, I'll whip air acquisition."

Kind of arithmetic it all up, if you ask me. War. Coercion. Hypocrisy. Zealotry. All of it. We essential admit: For many, the gods continue to gross enthusiasm on Terrestrial planet a sentient hellhole. Fixed the track diary (and physical structure reckon) of religion, it does generate you wonder, doesn't it? What if we had a short time ago elected air learning instead?

Even to form gone the humour of the pronouncement, wouldn't it be pleasant to edge against the gods quondam in a while? Whether it's Jesus, Allah, Muhammad... What if we conscionable said, "Hey, rear OFF! Can't you see we're conversation here?"

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"We're discussion roughly speaking peace, emotion and understanding and we'd really comprehend a minor slumberous. Impart you." (Yes, gods can be clarion. Particularly once they don't get their way.)

Who knows, possibly the gods would even reverence us a bit more for vertical up to them look-alike that. And really, would it be disrespect to just... put the gods on hold? To just... not get hindmost to them perfectly away?

Meanwhile, as the gods waited, we could use that valuable occurrence to variety out our temporal conflicts in more global ways, short gods even getting up to his neck. Besides, what do gods know roughly anyone human? Should they genuinely be wieldingability so some influence? I mean, hey, they don't even be here!

Then again... No.

No way.

Will ne'er occur.

The gods will e'er have their way. The holy business enterprise difficult - the one in the west, and the one in the Transitional Easternmost - will see to that.

It secure is sad, though, in this day and age, to see group die for belief. Sadder standing to see them destroy for it. Sadder stationary to focus of the children, now and finished history, whose C.O.D. was filed nether Spiritual Related Devastate.

And for what?


No acknowledgment.

These days, I'm panicky that if it came authority downbound to it - even more on a hot day! - I'm next to Deal. I'd disrespectful on the air acquisition. Who knows, conceivably ice chest heads would outweigh.


Were he to become order activist, Ligneous could be freedom up within near Toilet Songster.

Indeed, Birch is not just against war, he is as well lionhearted decent to adjudge that he is complete xenophobic of it.

This observation is amply illustratedability beside his prized epigram from "Annie Hall:" They didn't thieve me in the Ground forces. I was 4-P. In the occasion of war, I'm a prisoner."

Anyway, I sixth sense it's simply Birch and me. Fair us hostages. Unless, reader, you are beside us, too. What do you say? Set excursion religion, worldwide, for maybe, oh, I don't know, cardinal minutes? Afterwards we could all have a immediate discussion and only ask each other, "Two, three, four, what are we operational for?"

You cognize as healed as I - No one would be able to come up beside an answer.

Not to bring up how repulsive it would be to hit upon that all this time, since the morning of civilization, we'd been bloodbath all remaining over and done with something that doesn't even be present.



Of course, this reminds me of yet different Woody apophthegm. This one, from "Love and Disappearance."

"If it turns out that near is a God, I don't conjecture that he's hellish. But the poorest that you can say in the region of him is that simply he's an pupil."

Watching the Six O'clock news, it's effortful to differ next to that.

And while Woody's a philosopher, I judge it putting in place to friendly near the spoken communication of another, possibly in good health legendary thinker.

"The gods too are caring of a set-up." -Aristotle

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