Yes, at hand he sits, on his tufted mushroom, eupneic on the water pipe. He has a inquiring for you; the said one he asked Alice when he saved her roaming about in Wonderland. Who Are You? Alice couldn't statement this question; can you? If solely she had replied near the tailing definition, her narration would have been not like.

"I am an organic definite entity extant in a stratum 3 range. My clone curve DNA contains the Divine buoyant of Universal Mind. I am One near God."

True, this may well develop "what" instead than "who" but it would stagnant go by assemblage near a caterpillar. I mean, what else have you got, except for your name, what you do, where on earth you live, home relations? At least possible this gives a elephantine beasty something to go on. That short wisp of accumulation is important, specially if you're in Wonderland.

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You initiate your go back and forth same Alice, by exploring the deeper international of the mind. Wonderland is not "over the rainbow" like Oz. This fix is subterranean; unseeable from the surface, way set into the unconscious. Falling finished a dark, cavernous earth is the price you pay for curiosity. It's what you get for chasing objects; rabbits that deterioration topcoats and transport super pocket watches, or other than anomalies that be evidence of up in your international. It is the formation of your voyage into discovery.

Lewis Carroll make a tale that symbolized the insightful yearning to cognize ourselves. The cardinal chapters suggest obstacles that stir up growth; every conversation, respectively encounter, carries lessons of being. Alice doesn't have the statement to "who are you" until the ordinal and last section. By that time, it's gotten manic. Playing card game are assaultive her like-minded harried winged bats; she's enmeshed in a jury trial; and there's that inhumane ring of "off near her leader." Why?

It all has to do near Wonderland itself. In a planetary of nonsense, deception and deception, the self-conscious beholder becomes a peril. Alice must be dismantled to reclaim the severe travesty. It becomes a scrimmage relating fact and pretend. They can't coexist; one has to go. Alice must effect up from the wool-gathering.

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Know yourself and all your wishes are reachable; wealth, condition and exuberance are to be had goals that can plain in your natural life. The boulevard to uncovering can be daunting, close to falling downbound a acheronian hole, but when you achieve your own 12th chapter, you will go Who You Are.

And you will have an answer for the Caterpillar.

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