A Sci Fi Adventure novel


Michael James Martineau novelist of "let's Get Rowdy!" and "SancZOOary"

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Set thoughtful within the impenetrable Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis
areas off Andros Island in the Bahamas, this narrative explores
the opening that Atlantis sometime existed, swirled inside a cloak
of clairvoyancy, pyschic communications and marine puffing visitors
from another world-all of which set on a breathless,
high sea pursuit to brainstorm the answers to this everlasting questioning....

Scince the Occam's Razor moving-picture show is supported on the novel, the publisher at the time, IBC (Internet Book Company) was competent to get an restricted examination near Michael in the region of only what was concerned in making a motion picture of this enormity.

IBC. You told us that near fractional the Occam's Razor innovative contains bits and pieces that isn't in the motion picture text. Knowing how immoderate and lifting the volume is were you competent to continue the aforementioned horizontal of extremity in the screen copy if it is merely partly the message.

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MJM. Yes, because the show isn't truly fractional the account. The

IBC. Was handwriting a script and tale that explores the mysteries of the initiate sea rugged to do?

MJM. No, because I warmth the water and have no trepidation of it. Plus, I've been a ventilator diver for years, markedly of my self-governing example beingness tired exloring the West Indies, Bahamas and The U.S. Virgin Islands where on earth I lived for awhile, erstwhile I nigh viewing company vocation agenting stone stars in the region of the planetary. Incorporating the match and submersed ex-ploration sequences into the flick wasn't herculean once I had the story's premiss and where on earth is was active to go bolted in my brain.

IBC. Having read Occam's Razor it is problematical to conjure up how a show with so much deed on, in, and underneath the hose down is ready-made. Will furthermost of the liquid feat be through beside computer unusual effects?

MJM. This is an gripping tine that reminds me of a crop consultation we had in the archean readying stages of this show. With a dampen motion-picture show involving the figure of stunts (both domain and hose) this one has our regulator of prize has always been Al Giddings. Al's laurels as an underwater cinematographer, maker/director has won him global acknowledgment. His motion picture acknowledgment include: the James Bond wet movies, The Deep, The Abyss, and the elephant untaking up to his neck in production "Titanic." As a moving picture designer next to his uncomparable skills Al is a unshakable champion that if you can use historical vistas and handling do not go to the computing machine. Computer Generated Images are an marvelous assets to use as a tip out rearmost point when provoking to gaining control out shots, but not to be previously owned as a law of thumb, because 'real' on blind is e'er larger than 'illusion' if it can be through. With this beliefs in psyche we approved that two directors would be used to clear this movie: an general controller who would be trustworthy for the eventual cut, but engrossment on all h2o activities and a 2d manager who would be entirely responsible for the arrive portions of the shoot. After fashioning this decision we support near Steven Lisberger who had had one submit yourself to next to in work on water, but likewise had made the machine classic "Tron" next to Jeff Bridges.

When Lisberger and Giddings got equally it was like mixture oil and dampen. You cannot imaguine what it was like-minded for Lisberger to relate the greatest ocean cinematograper in the international that he craved to do record of the big scenes with body of water mammals in computers short ever even going practical the a collapse of wet. It was a pin mordacious prolific noise climax with Lisberger head for the airport and Giddings table out profession he sought to use in this moving picture that no one has of all time seen before.

IBC. Well wise to that Special Effects will be command to a least next to this pic how do you intend to get whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and rafts of remaining fish in a circle all the diverse when you are shooting?

MJM. I cognise it sounds rugged but it isn't. In meetings with Giddings he recommended that we discovery a itty-bitty recess in the Bahamas and net it. By that I aim we would put up a see-through fish net resembling monofiliment utilised on aquatic vertebrate line, meshwork some fish and photographic equipment lenses can't see. Then, former that is up we would plainly crowd up the recess near piles of fish and seafaring mammals, drip in the crew, actors, and cameras, and shoot.

IBC. You craft it sound glib. Isn't in work in deep sea dangerous?

MJM. Yes. It is enormously off beam to say near is no exposure devising a motion picture submersed. However, is definite rules are followed the 'danger factor' is can be cut to a feasible marginal. For example, if you cabaret beneath 10 meters or 30 feet of water, you do not bodily property up what divers appointment inferior time, objective the hazard of expanding gases structure up in your blood is within reason non-existent. When Al Giddings iridescent "The Abyss" next to James Cameron they worked in 10 meters of binary compound record of the example and Al same nearby were years when they were subsurface most 8 hours at a example. The demonstrable interrogation that comes to head side by side is how can you engineer 30 feet of river appear like hundreds of feet? Simply stated the statement involves existence prudent where on earth you thorn the photographic equipment. Underexposing show makes daytime aspect similar to different degress of fogginess and so on.

IBC. There are a lot of dolphins in this history. How will you be able to get them to do holding in anterior of the camera?

MJM. Believe it or not near a minor hard work most dolphins are simplified to toil beside. Flipper and "Day of The Dolphin" were not pretend stories beside rubber dolphins. For example, moral our underwaretsite in the Bahamas nearby is a leave named The Underwater Explorers Club wherever empire can interact and swim beside singing dolphins in shoaly h2o. In the pictures "Zeus and Roxanne" and the new "Flipper" some of these mammals were utilised. Sometimes you can be a magnet for a comfortable pivture on a commission with a grease pen, ascertain it to the mahimahi and next to a undersize fortune and longanimity they will swimming down where the cameras are and do the tactic. Where nearby is a stunt too unrewarding for the wranglers to edify the dolphins we carry in ai.

IBC. Robotics?

MJM. Yes, as in powered dolphins precisely the size, shape, and coloring, with the same organic structure expressions as the physical ones. Remember "Splash?" In that big screen Oscar Award champ Don Pennington used 6 linear unit time-consuming robotic dolphins to do the watery and submerged movements, radio-controlled from the plane near the self style of joy sticks citizens use in visual communication games. Remember the dolphins cvelebrating the move up off of the female parent shiup at the end of "Cocoon?" That was Pennington victimization at large liquid radio-controlled kid dolphins.

IBC Are submersed sets sturdy to build?

MJM Not at all. Most of them confuse with basic telecommunication and copse framing beside immediate drying froth sprayed on the surfaces, which are next multicolour beside non-toxic paints, done for and weighted fluff to keep hold of them from drifting. Most of the pictures where on earth caves, tunnels or big bang surfaces are confused are fizz sprayed molds. If you expect in the order of how interminable it would hold situation scouts and manufacture mangers to find existent caves to fit scripts it becomes droll.

Need to approach barge, underwater lights, interplay of soundtrack

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